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Keep Calm & Glo On!

It’s normal to feel a little stress and anxiety as we all come to grips with the new reality of social distancing surrounding the growing coronavirus scare. But, letting that anxiousness go unchecked too long will undoubtedly boost your stress hormone levels. That can trigger unwanted breakouts that wreak havoc on all the progress you’ve made with your new TCP skin care routine. 

Here’s how to keep your skin glowing — even during quarantine: 

1. Stay Consistent: Use the extra time you’re spending at home to keep up with your morning and evening skin care routine. Don’t skip a session. By staying consistent, you’re treating your skin to nature’s most calming ingredients like rose otto oil, pine bark extract, neroli and sea buckthorn seed oil.

Stay consistent


2. Go Makeup Free: Now is the perfect time to give your skin a break from makeup and just let it breathe. Even if you use non-comedogenic makeup products that don’t clog your pores, you reduce the likelihood of transferring bacteria and dirt from your hands, makeup brushes, and sponges when you take an occasional break from wearing makeup.

3. Treat Yourself to a Facial Massage: Spend two extra minutes during your morning and evening routine on an invigorating facial massage. After cleansing and toning, apply a dime-sized portion of facial serum to your fingertips and rub it in to distribute evenly. Then place your fingertips between your eyebrows and slide slowly out to your temples. Massage your temples in a circular motion for several seconds and then rotate the circles toward your forehead until you reach the center. Then, glide your fingertips gently down the bridge of your nose out past your cheeks and to your ears. Drop down slowly to your jawline and then finish with your neck. It’s the perfect way to get the blood flowing in your skin while also helping to relax the mind. 


facial massage


4. Share the Serum: Don’t limit your daily serum use to just your face and neck. Your hands can benefit from all the emollient goodies packed into our facial serum too. Just add a drop to your palms after handwashing to help restore the moisture.

 facial serum


5. Restock Online: If you’re running low on any of your TCP skin care essentials, it’s safe and easy to restock from the comfort of your home. Just visit to reorder. We process your order within 48 hours. Once it ships, delivery time takes 1-4 business days within Canada, 3-6 business days within the United States and 4-7 business days worldwide. 


Do you have other share-worthy ideas for how you plan to keep your skin in tip-top shape during quarantine? We’d love to hear them! Share your comment or snap a pic and tag @thecareprinciple on Instagram. 

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