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Dina Pugliese-Mirkovich announces the launch of her plant-based skincare line.

Dina Pugliese-Mirkovich officially launches her plant-based skincare line on Canada's longest running, national, daytime talk show, CityLine. She shares her very personal story as to why she decided to create The Care Principle.

And how she hopes others can get informed and practice better self-care along the way. Real talk some tears and laughter was shared.

Watch how all unfolded here.

Meet Your Skin's
New Best Friends

Yes, friends come in jars too! But, there are a lot of fake friends on the shelves these days. They promise you moisture then strip your skin. Where’s the love? Finally, it’s here! The Infinite Glo collection works together, from morning until night, to give your skin the goodness it deserves - no fillers or harsh chemicals.
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