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Dina’s Inspiration for Plant-Based Skin Care

About five years ago, my world was rocked. I was coming home from a wonderful vacation with my husband, and instead of basking in the memories of the trip and reminiscing about our travels (as we so love to do), I received a phone call with some devastating health news. Months after that... disheartening news came about another family member. Another illness. And on it went. One family member after another. All in their early 40s. All whom I hold dear.

Treatment After Treatment

The days blurred into months and years as I hopped from hospital to hospital, and in and out of emergency rooms, operating rooms, chemo treatments, radiation therapy, and long hospital stays to support and care for my dearest family members.

We faced complications along the way... we were scared. We felt helpless. We prayed for strength and healing. We asked why. And, why all at once? Our world was spinning out of control.

A Brief Reason to Smile

Oddly, work was my sanity during this time. As the host of a morning TV show — a job that I adore with loyal viewers who I adore even more — I found a much-needed escape (even though there were many mornings I showed up running on next to no sleep). Sharing jokes and laughs was part of my job, but I discovered it was even better for my spirit. No one knew what I was going through...except for the handful of viewers and medical staff I met in hospital corridors and waiting rooms. That’s how I wanted it to be. Privately, I was so mad, so incredibly sad, and exhausted. I was sick of feeling powerless. So, I decided to take back some control.

Taking Back Control

In the midst of dealing with so much illness, I started thinking about practical everyday things we can do to feel better and make ourselves healthier. I quickly learned that what we put ON our bodies is just as important as what we put IN them. Afterall, our skin is our largest organ. It’s a sponge that absorbs 60 to 70 percent of what we put on it. It seemed like a natural place to start to make a healthy change for the better. To have us absorb goodness. And so off I went. Searching to find something natural and non-toxic that actually worked. I didn’t just want a solution for my family, I wanted something for everyone else too. To put something good into the world that would make everyone feel good. That’s when The Care Principle was born.

Self-Care in a Bottle

The name The Care Principle is a natural fit for this skin care line because there is an undeniable truth about care — you can’t take care of others when you’re running on empty. The Care Principle is about filling up your tank twice a day everyday. It’s self-care in a bottle. Three easy steps. All Natural. Non-toxic. Anti-aging skin care that really works! And, it’s proudly made right here in Canada.

The Real Thing

Developing this skin care line has been a labour of love that has taken years to formulate. My viewers and Instagram followers have been asking me what I’ve been using on my skin. It’s been such a hard secret to keep for the last few years. It was especially difficult not to let the cat out of the bag when a sham skin care line tried to use my image to sell their products. At the time, I knew I’d be launching my very own REAL anti-aging skin care line soon. So, I made it clear that unless you heard it from me, you shouldn’t believe it. Well friends, finally, here it is.

The Care Principle, Infinite Glo skin care system is ready to ship. Three easy steps. Five minutes of "you" time in the morning and at night. We did all the thinking for you so you don’t have to. This is truly a guilt-free, anti-aging skin care line that works. Everything is natural and completely safe. That means, you have one less thing to worry about.

Rest well knowing that your skin is drinking in super healthy (and super safe) essential oils that have stood the test of time. The Care Principle is going to work for you, while you rest, work and play. To help you tackle whatever life brings... with your Best. Face. Forward. Welcome to The Care Principle friends. It’s time to take care of you too.

Dina Pugliese-Mirkovich

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3 thoughts on “Dina’s Inspiration for Plant-Based Skin Care

  1. avatar Vicky congiusti says:

    Well, your story has inspired me try this product going to give her a girl thanks very much for sharing so much with us the the public. Vicky

  2. avatar Lisa Brigant says:

    This product is the only thing I could use for ten months of my life. I haven’t used anything else since…..a year and a half later.Diagnosed with breast cancer at 51 I have had the full range of treatment. My mother in law sent it to me without even telling me. God bless her because it made me smile every day. When I first put it on I cried. It smelt and felt wonderful. I am back to order more. No reactions and I had super sensitive skin even before chemo.
    Thank you mom and thank you for making a product that aids in the treatment process.

  3. avatar Sonja says:

    My skin feels amazing and my complex has never looked better. I’ve been using the travel kit for one month and I’m beyond satisfied with the product line. Thank you!

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